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Amin Yousefi

Born in 1375, Abadan, Iran


Since 2015 - Bachelor in Photography, Department of Photography, Art University of Isfahan 2011 - 2015 - Diploma in Physics and Mathematics Discipline, Shahed High School, Abadan, Ir


Mohammad Amin Yousefi Started his education in Photography in 2015. He's Studying his Bachelor's degree of Art in Photography at the Art University of Isfahan. He has established his career and artistic personality through several exhibitions, writings, photography courses, as well as giving lectures on photography. In recent years, he has further followed his performance in the field of photography through participating in group exhibitions and photo expos. He tries to achieve his own personal concepts from his photographs.

Solo Exhibitions

2018 - Untitled Photographs, Negaresh Gallery, Esfahan, Iran

Group Exhibitions

2015 - The Threnody, Hozhabr Gallery, Khoram Abad, Iran 2016 - The Paradise, Isfahan University of Art, Isfahan, Iran 2014 - The 6th Top Photos of the Year, The Museum of Ali, Theran, Iran 2015 - The Beauty Khuzestan, Ahwaz Museum of Contemporary Art, Ahwaz, Iran 2016 - The 4th Professional Photographer Exhibition "1PIX", Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran 2015 - The Threnody, University of Meshkin Shahr, Mehskin Shahr, Iran 2017 - Four Season, Sayan Gallery, Isfahan, Iran 2018 - The Search, Naqsh Khaneh Gallery, Isfahan, Iran 2018 - Artistic Excitement in Patient’s Body, Negaresh Gallery, Isfahan, Iran 2016 - The 5th Iranology Foundation Exhibition, Iranology Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Other Activities

2018 - Participation in the 8th Grant International Festival of Firoozeh in Tabriz 2017 - Photo Adoption at Four Seasons Group Photography Festival in Isfahan 2017 - Participation in the 7th Grant Festival of Firoozeh in Tabriz 2017 - Photo Adoption at Seventh Photo Festival of Firoozeh in Tabriz 2016 - Photo Adoption of 8 works in the Khayyam 3th International Photo Festival of Photography 2016 - Participation in the 4th Grant of the Friends House of Mashhad 2016 - Photo Adoption of a work at the First International Festival of Society and Religion in Turkey 2016 - Photo Adoption at the National Festival of Architectural Photos of Culture City 2016 - Photo Adoption at the 5th Iranology Foundation Photo Festival and Exhibition 2015 - Photo Adoption at the 10th Florentine Biennial of Italy 2015 - Photo Adoption of a work at the Bucovina International Photo Festival of Romania 2014 - First place in the first national tourism festival with an economic and cultural approach

Artworks of Amin Yousefi

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