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Soheil Hoseini

Born in 1367, Tehran, Iran


Soheil Hosseini was born in 1988. He is an Iranian graphic designer, painter and researcher. He studied at the college of fine arts in Tehran which is the most notable arts academy in Iranian history. He pursues his BA in the School of Art and Architecture in Azad University, Tehran, Iran. Soheil is a founder and director of Tehran Studio. Moreover, he is a graphic designer and art consultant of the Music Center and he is a technical director of Tehran School's Publication, Magham Magazine, Gazar Magazine, Torreh Magazine, Shams Magazine, Farabi Magazine etc. He also worked as graphic designer for more than 10 festivals and congresses including Fajr Festival, Omid, Golden knot and Children's Theater. He is Editor and Graphic designer of Tehran Studio Book as well.

Artworks of Soheil Hoseini

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