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Neda Darzi

Born in 1349, tehran, Iran


Neda Darzi (born in Tehran, Iran, 1971)
B.F.A. in painting from Azad University
M.A. in painting from Tehran University.

She has had 8 solo exhibitions and she has taken part in more than 46 group exhibitions in Iran, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece; the most important exhibitions are:
Video installation, Davis Museum, Barcelona (2009);
Video Art, Athens 08, Greece (2007);
Video installation, “Tehran Second, Third, Forth New Art,” Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (2002-2007);
Installation & Performance, Cite' international Arts, Paris (2004); Tehran Painting Biennale, Tehran Museum of contemporary Art (2000, 1995 and 1993).

In order to echo Iranian culture as well as her own individuality, Neda Darzi uses tapestries, ceramics, paintings and photographs to create her conceptual video arts and installations. Some examples include:
I Became All Eyes, video art (2009);
The Sky Border Is My Homeland, video art (2007);
The Media, and, Be Free, video arts (2005);
East and West In Peace, performance and installation (2004);
Framing the Taboo, documentary (with Pamela Karimi, MIT University, 2004);
And This Human, documentary (2003); This Old Land, documentary (with F. Shahsavarani, 2002);
Hands, documentary (with F. Shahsavarani, 2002).

Neda Darzi has also been involved in several research projects such as:
interview with a number of artists for Iranian Artists Society Magazine (2009);
Amesha-Sepnta and Kamarikan in Persian Mythology (2002);
Visual Characteristics of the story of The Prophets' Tales & Timur's (1998);
Women in Iranian Mythology (1996);
Studying Patterns in Iranian Art of Metal Making From Ancient Time until Safavid Period (1995).  

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