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Morteza Khpsravi


Morteza Khosravi was born in Bojnourd in February 1988. He was doing calligraphy and drawing before high school. He entered Art school to study Graphic design and also began drawing seriously. After graduation from art school, first he was trained drawing and painting by Gholamhossein Sohrabi and came to Tehran with his introduction, he continued learning painting with Ali Beigiparast afterwards. Morteza Khosravi studied painting at university of Nowshahr (2008), he held several drawing and painting workshops while he was studying, some group exhibitions were the result of his attempt.  At the same time he attended local and national art exhibitions and gained several top rankings in more than seven art festivals.
His first solo exhibition with Mohammahreza Firouzeie's company was held in Mirmiran Gallary in house of Iranian artists (Khaneye Honarmandan-e Iran) in 2010. Second solo exhibition was displayed in Golestan Gallary in 2012. His work has been shown in Art Lab Gallary (2013) in Beirut succeeding that he had another solo exhibition in Golestan Gallery (2014). 
He is a dynamic artist with great achievement in many group exhibitions who is making attempt to be in painting territory and struggling against its limits. This exhibition is the result of making new challenge with the boundaries of portrait painting.

Artworks of Morteza Khpsravi

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