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Zahra Shafie

Born in 1365,


Name: Zahra shafie
Birth: 1986, Tehran

2010 B.A in Painting- Art Collage of Shahed University - Tehran
2003 Graphic Diploma from Visual Art Conservatory – Tehran
Solo Exhibition

2017 Inversion- Mah Art Gallery - Tehran
2016 Where in Time I am Standing? - Aaran Gallery- Brussels- Belgium
2015 Welcome to the Life's Party- Vali Art Gallery - Tehran
2012 Queen of the Kitchen- Shirin Art Gallery - Tehran
Group Exhibition

2017 Crowing Rooster- Saless Art Gallery –Tehran
2016 Fadjr International Festival of Visual Art – Museum of Contemporary Art- Tehran
2016 Drawing Exhibition – Mah Art Gallery -Tehran
2016 Full Color- Iranian Artist’s Forum- Tehran
2016 One Million- Saless Art Gallery- Tehran
2016 30Nama -In Memory Of Abbas Kiarostami - Charsoo Cinema & Saless Gallery
2016 Painting Performance in Aaran Art Gallery - Brussels-Belgium
2016 International Contemporary Art Show -Brussels- Belgium
2016 Nicolas Flamel Gallery - Paris- France
2016 Performance in Nicolas Flamel Gallery- Paris- France
2015 Common Paintings on the Walls of French Embassy – Iran
2015 Painting Exhibition- No 06 Gallery -Tehran
2015 Hope Dreams Desire- Open Walls Gallery- Stattbad Wedding- Berlin
2014 Haft Negah - Niyavaran Cultural Center- Tehran
2014 Iranian Artist's Forum- Tehran
2014 In the Other's Gaze - Sheila Art Gallery- Tehran
2013 The Second Painting & Sculpture Annual Exhibition - Iranian Artist's Forum- Tehran
2013 Final Encore 2 -Installation- Dastan Gallery-Tehran
2013 History Game- Etemad Art Gallery- Tehran
2013 Drawing Exhibition - Homa Art Gallery -Tehran
2012 International Contemporary Art Show- Miami- Florida
2012 Infinity-Seyhoun Art Gallery- Tehran
2011 Painting Exhibition-Homa Art Gallery - Tehran
2010 Haft Negah - Iranian Artist's Forum- Tehran
2010 Face to Face -Shirin Art Gallery- Tehran
2010 Painting Exhibition -Elahe Art Gallery - Tehran
2010 Painting Exhibition -Silk Road Art Gallery-Tehran
2008 Painting Exhibition -Shirin Art Gallery - Tehran
2008 Painting Exhibition -Shahed Art Gallery - Tehran
2008 Installation - Laleh Art Gallery - Tehran
2007 Participated in the First Women's Art Festival- Niavaran Cultural Center-Tehran

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Artworks of Zahra Shafie

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