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Farah Osouli

Born in 1332,


1971 Diploma in painting, Girl’s School of Fine Arts, Tehran
1977 B.A in graphic design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran


realized quite early on in my childhood that dolls were not capable of embodying all the tails and personalities I lovingly nurtured in my active imagination.
So I started creating my own characters out of paper and paint, specific to each one of my fantastic stories. I drew them, painted them, cut them out of cardboard, and played with them for hours and days.
After a while, I needed new stories, with new actors. The old cut outs were all thrown away along with the old sagas, only to be replaced by totally new ones. I would start all over again, recreating, redrawing, and repainting bran new characters, in accordance to my new scenarios.
My fondness and fascination for literature and painting grew daily. I felt that these two interests were pulling me in two separate directions.
I was spell bound by the fascinating game of narration mixed with images.
My inner paradise came to a completion when I was capable of uniting these two interests of mine in my work, as a painter, just as I had done so as a child.
The sweet game initiated so joyfully and innocently in my early years continues to live on in me today, expressing itself through my paintings.
I enjoy expressing my personal understanding and interpretation of life and existence through the symbolic characters and stories which I use in my works.

Artworks of Farah Osouli

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