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Raana Farnoud

Born in 1332,


Born in 1953, Iran

1975 B.A. in English, Advanced School of Translation, Tehran

1971 Diploma in painting, Girl’s School of Fine Arts, Tehran

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Emkan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2003 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2001-2000 Le Rayon Vert Gallery, Nantes, France
2000 Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1999 Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1997 Atelier Alain Le Bras, Invited by the 14th Women’s Film Festival, Nantes, France
1996 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1993 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1989 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions

2016 O Gallery, Tehran Iran “Image of Self”
2015 Total Art, Dubai, UAE
2011 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE
2007 Art London, London, England
2003-2001 Traveling exhibition, “A Breeze from the Gardens of Persia, New Art from Iran”,
Meridian International Center, Washington DC, New York, Belleville Illinois, Los Angeles,
Atlanta, Texas, Florida USA
2000 International Art Expo, New York, USA
1997 9th Triennial of Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India
1997 China Art Expo, Peking, China
1990 Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran

Artworks of Raana Farnoud

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