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Bita Fayyazi

Bita Fayyazi

ویرایش اطلاعات

Bita Fayyazi

Born in 1341, Tehran, Iran


Name: Bita Fayyazi 
Birth: 1962, Tehran - Iran

 Bita Fayyazi's Collections Bita Fayyazi's Selected Works
Course in pottery and ceramic arts at the Iranian Handicrafts Association
Extensive applied experience in tile work and wall murals
Courses and training in sculpture with two prominent Iranian sculptors 
Course plus training in enamels and glazes at Maghsoud Chinaware factory, Iran

Winner of special exhibition prize: Cockroaches Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran

     Solo Exhibition
1993 Classic Gallery, Isfahan. Wall murals and abstract forms

     Group Exhibition
1989 Pafar gallery, Tehran
1992 Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran
1993 Embassy of the Netherlands, Tehran
1994 Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran. Ceramic abstract forms
1996 Golestan Gallery, Tehran. Ceramic abstract objects
1998 Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran. Winner of special exhibition prize: Cockroaches 
1999 Golestan Gallery, Tehran
2000 Canadian Women's Club - Barg Gallery, Tehran, International Women's Day - Sculpture
2000 "Falling Figures", Seyhoon gallery, Tehran. Fiberglass & Neon sculptures with back-drops of Khosrow Hassanzadeh's ink drawings.
2000 Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, Denmark. The exhibition was given the name Ekbatana? 
2001 "7 Ceramists" Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, Tehran
2001 Barbican Center, London, UK. Iranian Contemporary Art 
2001 Art Addiction Virtual Gallery The 7th International Female Artist's Art Annual
2001 Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, First Conceptual Art Exhibition
2002 Tehran Museum Of Contemporary Arts 2nd conceptual art exhibition titled “New Art”.
2003 Iranian Contemporary Artists” at Pietro Della Valle, the Italian School of Tehran
2004 Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art Gardens of Iran, Ancient Wisdom/New Visions. 
2004 National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan A selection of Iranian contemporary Art (3 generations)
2004 Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Arts, Contemporary Ceramic exhibition
2005 When still a Child, XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2005 Amazon Series, Rebell Minds Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2005 51st International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale 
2006 New Territories, De Hallen, Brugge, Belgium
2006 Museum of Modern Art, Freiburg, Germany
2007 Museum of Modern Art, Freigburg, Germany

Auctions participated by Bita Fayyazi

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2010 | Babies
18,000-22,000 Dollar
2009 | Independence
10,000-15,000 Dollar
1998 | IRAN, CROWS
Not Sold
1388-1397 | Untitled
4,000,000,000-6,000,000,000 Rial
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Art Fairs participated by Bita Fayyazi

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Artworks of Bita Fayyazi

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Lenore; Nevermore (Inspired from Edgar Alan Poe’s The Raven)
2022 | Lenore; Nevermore (Inspired from E ...
26×27×35 cm
Mischievous Incubus of Lore
2022 | Mischievous Incubus of Lore
49×26×20 cm
The Dinosaur
2020 | The Dinosaur
78×150×91 cm
2020 | untitled
41×110 cm
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