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Parviz Tanavoli

Parviz Tanavoli

ویرایش اطلاعات

Parviz Tanavoli

Born in 1316, Tehran, Iran


Parviz Tanavoli Born in Tehran, (1937) is a distinguished Iranian sculptor, painter, educator, and art historian, renowned for his pioneering role in the Saqhakhaneh school, a neo-traditionalist art movement. His sculptures, particularly the iconic "Heech" series, are showcased in prestigious institutions worldwide, including the British Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Aga Khan Museum. Tanavoli's exploration of the Persian word for 'nothing,' heech, reflects his deep connection to Iranian history and culture. Tanavoli began his artistic journey at the Tehran School of Fine Arts and further honed his skills in Italy under sculptor Mariano Marini. His dedication to sculpting led him to teach at institutions like the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Tehran University, where he directed the sculpture department for 18 years.

Tanavoli's influence extends beyond his own art, as evidenced by the Rasht 29 Club he co-founded in 1967, providing a hub for artists like Marcos Grigorian and Sohrab Sepehri. His commitment to education persists, with recent exhibitions showcasing the works of his students alongside his own.

A master of metalwork, Tanavoli's sculptures have fetched millions in international auctions, making him the most expensive living Iranian artist. His political activism is reflected in pieces like "Heech in a Cage," protesting Guantanamo Bay conditions, and his honors include a street in Tehran named after him in 2020. Despite political challenges, Tanavoli's impact on Iranian art and culture remains profound.

Tanavoli's extensive exhibition history, including retrospectives at venues like the Vancouver Art Gallery, West Vancouver Art Museum, and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, underscores his enduring legacy. His works grace prominent institutions worldwide, showcasing his significant contributions to contemporary art. Parviz Tanavoli, continues to bridge cultures through his art, residing in both Tehran and Vancouver since 1989. His artistic journey, marked by innovation and dedication, has left an indelible mark on the global art scene.

Solo Exhibitions

"Parviz Tanavoli: Poets, Locks, Cages"
Date: July 1, 2023, to November 19, 2023
Venue: Vancouver Art Gallery

"Oh Nightingale"
Year: 2019
Venue: West Vancouver Art Museum

Solo Exhibition in 2017
Venue: Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Theme: Lions works and Lion collection

Solo Exhibition in 2015
Venue: Davis Museum at Wellesley College
Note: First solo exhibition of Tanavoli's work in the US

Major Retrospective in 2003
Venue: Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Previous Solo Exhibitions
Tanavoli has held solo exhibitions in Austria, Italy, Germany, the United States, and Britain.

Group Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions
Tanavoli has participated in group exhibitions internationally.

Displayed at Prominent Institutions
His work has been displayed at notable institutions such as the Tate Modern, British Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grey Art Gallery - New York University, Isfahan City Center, Nelson Rockefeller Collection - New York, Olympic Park - Seoul, South Korea, Royal Museum of Jordan, Museum of Modern Art - Vienna, Museum of Modern Art - New York, Walker Art Center - Minneapolis, Hamline University - St. Paul, and Shiraz University - Iran.

Auctions participated by Parviz Tanavoli

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Things and Nothings
2016 | Things and Nothings
Not Sold
Standing Heech (Nothing)
2005 | Standing Heech (Nothing)
50,000-70,000 Dollar
White Heech (Nothing)
1970 | White Heech (Nothing)
20,000-25,000 Dollar
Standing Poet
2006 | Standing Poet
120,000-150,000 Dollar
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Art Fairs participated by Parviz Tanavoli

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Artworks of Parviz Tanavoli

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Untitled (from The Wall (Oh, Persepolis))
970 | Untitled (from The Wall (Oh, Perse ...
4.7×16.5×17.5 cm
20×6×31 cm
2017 | untitled
6×30×20 cm
Two Lions
2016 | Two Lions
200×300×94 cm
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