ontemporary Routines Project, 3rd Chapter: Tracking the Self

Curated by:

Photography ، Installation

12 Jul 2019 - 17 Jul 2019


Tracking the Self

Seeing oneself as for searching in it is not a new phenomenon, but contemporary human’s disorder and distress, due to seeing | the self | in conjunction with memories, reality and dreams have made it a bigger challenge for him to know his identity than any other time. Tracking the Self reviews contemporary human facing himself in this path of wisdom

Ali Miresmaeili

Contemporary Routines Project, 3rd Chapter: Tracking the Self

Contemporary Routines” is a project curated by Ali Miresmaeili, with selected artists from different

backgrounds attempting to present their views on the concept of everyday life without particular affiliation to any specific style or method in producing the artwork. Tracking the Self, as a 3rd chapter of this project, is about the disorder and distress of contemporary human when encountering the self


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