Rapture in the Moment


14 Jun 2019 - 12 Jul 2019


Rapture in the moment

It has been years for me that, aside from theoretical debates, the mood and the atmosphere of the artwork is especially important. I am sure that I start with an initial display of a mental image, transferring that “moment” to the image will be possible. This image, starts from the current reality of life.
I prefer to move next to reality. In fact, if a new reality or other reality is formed, but it conveys a supposition of outer reality within it and perhaps my painting is a compressed strata of dispersed realities.
I am always in rapture with continuous simplicity. Rapture in true perception veiled in the simplicity. Reflection to this astonishment is the motivation I had for my latest works. I have tried to show how astonishment is manifested in an artwork. Although, I am well aware of the relativity of decisions, feeling and mental image of mine, against the subjectivity and memory of the painting itself, and the challenge between the two in the process creating the work.


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