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The Nature Today Green or Gray

Curated by: Mitra Khezrloo Sheida Azizi Ali Mazarei

Painting, Sculpture group exhibition

05 Jul 2019 - 10 Jul 2019


Mrs. Azizi begins the statement of the exhibition with a quote from Albrecht Dürer:
“Art is hidden in the nature and belongs to the one who extracts it from the nature.”
Then she proceeds with the story of an unfair interaction:
"The Green Side                                                               but the Gray Side
Everbeing                                                                         Ever forgetting
Accompanying                                                                  Ungratefulness
Bestowing Inhale                                                              Causing Unrest   
Withdrawing Exhale                                                          Destroying
Roaring                                                                             Dehydrating
Peace and Smile                                                              Not Seeing
Wilting and Regrowing time and time again                     Not Listening
Being eye-catching                                                           Not Understanding
Turning green and keeping Green                                   Decoloring … Coloring Gray"


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