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One on One

Curated by: Hosein Tadi Toktem Hemmati

group exhibition

05 Jul 2019 - 17 Jul 2019


One on One
Contemporary drawing goes beyond its traditional borders when it comes to fashion design. Lines get off the paper, dance in the space, sit on the fabric and thus add to the world of its medium. The rigid independency of mediums will not remain unchangeable. Drawing can not be restraint within a piece of paper anymore. And fashion design overruns trends and market taste. Beauty and elegence are challenged and the usefulness of garments begins to pall. We have a new image of contemporary drawing. This show is a reflection of its time and we witness our moment. It is an attempt to realize art in an interaction with society. These interdiciplinary works are where Drawing and Design get close to each other and do not avoid this convergence.

Sana Valadkhani


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