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Stony Portraits

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05 Jul 2019 - 10 Jul 2019


Less than twenty Armenian stonemasons have carved identities of all Armenian rustics on grave stones in last 300 years. This is an old tradition that Armenians carve images of the decedents’ job or social position on the grave stones additional to the writings. These grave stones do not represent the original identities of a decedent but an ideal one which tends to be eternal.
The carvings represent the stonemasons’ enthusiasm and creativity besides a small ideal society. These vague images are to address us as an audience and share their existential experiments with us.
The main purpose of these cemeteries of the rustic Armenian emigrant societies in Iran is to extend beautiful human qualities and values which becomes more achievable by these long lasting carved grave stones giving it an ideal spiritual aspect by carrying the ideal identity of a decedent as a respected free spirit.

Artworks of Stony Portraits

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