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Photography solo exhibition

20 Sep 2019 - 08 Oct 2019


A negative is in fact a sculpture whose front and rear are one - it is at once negative and extremely positive. Negative points to the essence of things and photograph to their visible characteristics. The negative of a tree includes all trees. Contrast, the relationship between elements and zones in a frame, becomes important in a negative, which in turn highlights the act of seeing itself. It is a joyous moment when I find commonalities between life and photography. It is as if good or bad, beautiful and ugly, right or wrong are constantly switching places. The path from idea to execution was easier and smoother in past projects. I tried to pick subjects for my negatives that could direct the viewer's attention to the act of seeing. As a photographer, I am showing that which I want the viewer to see - represent. It is as if a photograph is a true to life lie representing reality.

Artworks of Negative

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