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Curated by: Mohammadhossein Emad

Sculpture group exhibition

11 Oct 2019 - 01 Nov 2019


‘Place’ is an experience in relation to ‘Space’:

‘Space’ is not an exhibition of a modern harmonic environment, nor is it an empty arena for exhibition, and neither is it a ‘tabula rasa’ (blank slate) upon which to be written. However, our ‘Space’ is an environment full of history and memory; structured and applicable; lived, experienced and enacted. A slate that has repeatedly been written upon and erased; and now, it is a ‘Place’ for a young artist to experience.

This former water reservoir, with its multiple chambers, like houses and neighboring cells, creates an environment full of traces of memories sitting in every corner of its history and geography and connecting their own stories to itself (this former water reservoir and its multiple chambers). Places never forget. They are evidence and bearers of history. This event will be carved on the previous remnants to be memorialized and remembered.

Helia Darabi


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