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Painting solo exhibition

08 Nov 2019 - 22 Nov 2019


Amir Hossein Esmaili was born in Tehran in 1992 and graduated from Semnan University. The "Enounter" series is Amir Hossein's first solo show and his first collaboration with INJA Gallery. He has participated in numerous group shows in Iran since 2007 and was selected as one of the winners from Montakhab-e- Nasl-e No in 2016. Amir first exhibited his work outside of Iran in a group exhibition curated by Fereydoon Ave.

Encounter / The Joy of Looking

All the Still Life’s that have been created throughout history in various cultures have one thing in common: their basic subject matter is fruit and common objects. Therefore, this genre can be seen as an institution to exhibit passions and inquisitions regarding objects, fruit, flowers and their quiddity. Fundamentally, one of the basic strengths of the Still Life genre has always been to make the visual presentation of these everyday objects enjoyable through an artistic reproduction.

Initially, my Still Life’s begin their life with a selection process. I need to find the subjects pleasant personally; in order for me to give them a quality arrangement and proper visual presentation and I will often paint the same subject many times. Furthermore, I have experimented with the act of representation to give out a sense of strangeness to totally common objects and a poetic sense to everyday life. In this way, I have endeavored to consider the Still Life as a workshop for experimenting with different points of view on objects, fruit, flowers and some other easily forgettable items.

Amirhossein Esmaili



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