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Sketch, Painting solo exhibition

15 Nov 2019 - 03 Dec 2019


1977 - 2010
In the 70s Sadeghi expanded his practice to include a surrealist dimension that was built upon his skill in technical methods encompassing Persian Miniatures and Coffe House paintings. For over three decades Sadeghi created hundreds of extraordinary paintings and drawings infused with tales and myths narrating a collective consciousness through multilayered dimensions imagined on each piece. This surrealistic aspect has stayed alive in Sadeghi's work ever since, yet this specific period marks the bold presence of surrealism in his work. This form of expression is a natural act that does not belong to the past or the present but has a history as long as Iranian imagination. On the border between surrealism and mythology, Sadeghi employs various components in his paintings that could be read not only in relation to mythical concepts but also in connection to iconology. His emotional experiences and thoughtful reflections as an "author" move from personal concerns to a collective consciousness. Mythical tales extend down into society as it expands out, reaching the masses regardless of their age, race, and profession.

Artworks of Etude

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