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Painting, solo exhibition

10 Jan 2020 - 21 Jan 2020


"The relationship between man and the environment is a two-way street of discourse and contradiction, meaning man and his environment effect each other. In such an interaction, the individual changes the environment and at the same time, his behavior and experiences are transformed by the environment." Every person views urban landscape both objectively and subjectively, thereby understanding the environment through cognitive and emotional observation. The behavior derived from these perceptions causes one to be either content or discontent with one's surrounding leading to entirely change the purpose of existence in an urban environment. It can attract or even repel, encouraging either right or wrong actions.
References: Nasir-Salami, The Interaction between Humans and the Environment based on environmental psychology (2013). Morteza Rahbar, The City and Human Behaviors (2009). 1- Robert, Gifford.


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Hooman Derakhshandeh


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