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Installation solo exhibition

31 Jan 2020 - 10 Feb 2020


Qerarä (Qaranih in Sistānid or Scythian language) is derived from Aramaic and refers to a kind of satchel, knitted by a long needle called Qerār.

Bieqerarie is a hybrid blend from Qarar (literally meaning equanimity in Farsi) and the prefix ‘bi’, meaning sans- or without. This metonymy is the key to understanding the conceptualization behind my work.

Life, as I understand, is an eternal thread made of time, continuously passing before my body… my very existence. As I go through life, each point of time, like a needle – or as I call, like a Qerarä – punctures the fabric of my soul and my vita. Thus, as life passes by, I grow more restless – or Bieqerar, if I may say. Every day is a case of needles and the ever-growing need for equilibrium. The sun arise, come every morning, each ray of time, each point of light, makes another ring, and makes my day. Each circle of needles is a circle of my chronicles, just like the concentric rings of a tree.


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