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Painting, solo exhibition

29 Oct 2021 - 05 Nov 2021


"Shame" is her first solo exhibition at Dastan's Basement.
In "Shame", Shakeri returns to more-or-less familiar images springing out the Revolution of 1979.
From stamps to money, from city walls to schoolbooks, these images have formed part of the
visual memory of the Iranian society. In this return to archival visual material, she comes upon a
prevailing feeling = shame. This is a shame imbued with rage, coming from a sense of loss of
individual or collective ideals. Shaker sees this rage as a rebellion against the self.
In "Shame", the artist's approach to image construction is balanced on two connected but separate
planes. Her drawings with pen and ink are direct, to-the-point, and straightforward. Her paintings
on various media on fiber are made of multiple layers of paint with slow execution. To her, the
drawings are closer to her intention while the complexity of painting on fiber offers a choice of
tampering with the final image.


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