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Some- Place- Else

group exhibition

21 Jul 2023 - 11 Aug 2023


The exhibition aims to bring together divergent set of works. Representing, but also
upsetting the relationship of the artists and their connection to reality. Spheres that
contain paradoxes, and manage to juxtapose the ideal with the unattainable.
Openings and closings.
Slices cut off from real world and shaped by emotional needs: Somewhere Else.
Breaking away from the harsh realities is a Persian Tradition, manifested in our
literature and arts, even in our timeless tradition of humor. The tough realism of
everyday is compensated by stepping in to another dimension, cherishing illusions that
replace the real world.
Here are exaggerated floating spaces,- a placeless place- yet in connection with the
spaces that remain outside them. Within these spaces we are alive, free of borders and
restrictions, away from the mundane, separated from the gloom that engulfs our land.
Able to float in an archipelago of plurality, as we are supposed to.
Nazila Noebashari




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