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The Accent of Line

Painting solo exhibition

21 Dec 2018 - 02 Jan 2019


Eivazi always takes drawing as her starting point with not much attention to the surface she works on; it can be a piece of paper, a recycled cardboard, or simply a packaging carton that the artist, has prepared in advance with a layer of white paint, to create a gypsum wall-like quality.
Visually, unstable and suspended moments combined with flowing lines, create a landscape-like pseudo-image in the background, reminding us of spinning objects in a tornado.
On Canvas, drawing starts with charcoal, pencil or any other material on a piece of linen, sometimes stretched out on the frame and other times flattened or crumpled on the floor without a frame.
Moreover, the variety of materials and color palette plays an important role in her work as she is constantly challenging herself experimenting with different materials such as pencil, pen, marker, pastel, color pencil, ecoline, acrylic, etc.
The works on display are a selection of the series “Stickers,” “Stickers 2” and “Archimedes,” created by Eivazi over the past three years.


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