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Invitation to a Flânerie

Curated by: Mahour Toosi

Installation solo exhibition

04 Jan 2019 - 11 Jan 2019


We understand the concept of Flânerie as an embodiment of modernity thanks to Baudelaire. Flâneurs are constantly on the move. They are devoted to journeying in urban spaces, particularly malls, galleries and luxury places. In this sense, flânerie was first introduced in the nineteenth century. It shouldn’t be mistaken for wandering around in the streets, visiting galleries and ateliers, malls and its likes. Flâneurs are consumers of space, not commodity. They are conscious watchers, delicate and curious, like ghosts that no one notices. They breathe in busy atmospheres without getting noticed and keep their distance from the crowd. They like to poke into everywhere and maybe even take notes. They are champions of spaces. Champions who have been missing lately. Balzac interprets the concept of flânerie as Gastronomy of the eye.

What is provided here was previously named Getting Rid of Archive. It was the sum of the curator’s Flânerie and wandering around the artist’s studio. The artist was supposed to display all which was gathered in the studio during the years and then leave them. But the artist was not able to detach from all these objects and returned parts of them to the studio. It seems that one can’t easily let go of attachment, gathering and hoarding. This installation is a part of the artist’s archive, sharing the experience of flânerie, wandering, voyeurism, watching and enjoying.
“Invitation to a Flânerie” is an installation set in a relatively dark corridor. It can be observed by two means: walking through a corridor to reach the piece, and looking through a glass roof above the piece. The atmosphere and the layout is in a manner that makes observing the piece a reminder of the classical concept of flânerie.

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