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10 May 2019 - 24 May 2019


Passage of time has brought about the changes in the nature of form and has gradually made it plentiful and rich. History is the passage of moving forward but Ta'avil (interpretation) pursues the signs from ending to the beginning in order to indicate the most possible united form of the phenomenon the phenomena are indicators of nonexistent beings and Ta'avil (interpretation) is the mean to represent the hidden concept of the syntactic ambiguity. Ta'avil (interpretation) creates a path from observed to unobserved being in order to make the form, subject and concept united and indicates the most concrete form of the phenomenon of what it was before its creation. its origin roots in Awal (first) that conveys the meaning of referring to the initial source. it means the beginning of stating initial form of what it was and returning something or a phenomenon to the initial reasons and principles, discover the first meaning and the main signification of the incident or the subject before taking different appearances, it is Ta'avil (interpretation) by which the first meaning could be discovered and survey the essential signification of Hades (temporal) out of Qadim (eternal). the process is turned backward by Ta'avil (interpretation) so that we reach to the spirit through the. appearance, however, the concentration to the narrow line between the beginning and the results is significantly important in Ta'avil (interpretation), although the result is the beginning itself but in plurality. the secret of Ta'avil (interpretation) is understanding of plurality in order to state the unity at the beginning, therefore, this beginning which is united may not foster plurality, but the plurality is a delusion that Ta'avil (interpretation) takes it to the beginning source. in other words, the concept of Ta'avil (interpretation) is to fulfill and reach to the beginning of extremity, it means the fulfil of initial and principal meaning of what is occurred. Ta'avil interpretation) provides a description on the signification of the incidents and occurrence or in other words the description of their hidden cause and effects that are based in the coincidence of wisdom and imagination. For Ta'avil (interpretation) is a pass across the last understanding to the first intuition, it talks about the being and existence of whatever that exists, Ta'avil (interpretation) talks about the united origin in order to make plurality understandable and recreates an entrance to what exists and what is observable.
H.A. Ardeshir Mobed

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