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Latent Geometry

Sculpture solo exhibition

14 Jun 2019 - 28 Jun 2019


Latent Geometry

The spatial aesthetics in which we live is a superficial layer of our culture. As it is in much of the Iranian/Islamic arts, If we follow the composition of the patterns in plaster molding, there exists a latent geometry based on a circular logic where patterns spread out from the intersections with the wall itself. In the past, artists illustrated their own world from these traditional structures with their fantasy imagery thus giving implicit meaning to their work. However, today’s plasterwork has greatly distanced itself from this timeworn art in such a way that we can say its latent geometry has faded and the work has been stripped of its implicit meaning and underlying layers. Casting molds created for large numbers of reproductions have replaced the artist’s traditional structures with their fantasy imagery and we accept this process. An acceptance that seems to exist within our cultural infrastructure and a type of surrender intrinsic to the cycle of our misfortunes.

Katayoun Bozorgar


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