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Assar Gallery

With a large collection of modern and contemporary Iranian art and 12 well-known visual artists in attendance, Assar Art Gallery plays a significant role in Tehran’s artistic landscape. The gallery first opened its doors in October 1999 under the direction of Omid Tehrani and operated for 4 years in Darakeh, an area on the hillsides of the Alborz range north of the city. The gallery relocated in 2004 and is now based in one of the city’s richest cultural districts in the centre of Tehran.

Today, as one of Tehran’s leading galleries, Assar regularly highlights work by its representing and some of Iran’s notable emerging artists. The gallery is dedicated to quality conservation, archiving and publication, and has been actively supporting and sponsoring various related projects. As well as its domestic activities, Assar is also a regular presence in international art fairs promoting contemporary Iranian art and showcasing selected works by its representing artists to a wider audience.

With a particular focus on the Iranian Modern Art and years of experience in the art market, Assar is specialized in consulting and advising private, institutional and international clients with regard to formation, development and management of their art collections. The gallery has been giving confidential consultation to a wide range of clients and collectors about the trends and value within the market and encourages collectors to quality practice in professional sourcing, research and documentation of their collections.

As part of Assar's dedication to cultural and educational enhancement of the city and its commitment to making some of the country’s best kept collections accessible to growing audiences, the team is involved in organizing and setting up large scale exhibitions mainly of Iran's Modernist movement. These exhibitions showcase masterpieces selected carefully from a varied range of private collections to stimulate and broaden interest and understanding of the works of art and to provide quality presentation, documentation and education to all sectors of the public. Assar Art Gallery’s mission is to engage artists and audiences through an ambitious program of quality exhibitions, collections, collaborations and publications both domestically and internationally. It also identifies and supports the most significant works of art within the Iranian cultural scene and aims to bring 20th century Iranian art to the attention of the rest of the world.

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