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Etemad 1 Gallery

گالری اعتماد Etemad Gallery


In 2002, Etemad Gallery, was established in Tehran by Mina and Amir Hossein Etemad.
Mina Etemad, a pioneer of contemporary art in Iran, was amongst the first to join the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. She was instrumental in helping to position Iran as one of the biggest collectors of western art during the 1970's in the middle east.

The gallery is committed to raising the profile of Iranian contemporary art by featuring emerging and established artists. The works exhibited range from abstraction to figuration, with adherence to innovative techniques and aesthetic styles. Today, Iran’s emerging contemporary art scene challenges stereotypes of a society mired in tradition. Young avant-garde artists find inspiration in often complex and interwoven sub-cultures. These artists depict developments triggered by rapid urbanisation, globalisation and changes in demographics, while they address some conceptual themes like modernity, identity, femininity and violence.

Etemad's commitment to contemporary art is deeply rooted in a history of passion for art, encouraged by supporting artists throughout different stages of their career.


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Exhibitions of Etemad 1 Gallery

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Art Fairs participated Etemad 1 Gallery

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Artworks of Etemad 1 Gallery

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2019 | Ebrahim Haghighi
120×180 cm
2017 | Ebrahim Haghighi
140×100 cm
2022 | Ebrahim Haghighi
150×150 cm
2021 | Ebrahim Haghighi
160×230 cm
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