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Javad Modaressi Painting Exhibition Reportage

Javad Modaressi Painting Exhibition Reportage

29 Jul 2019

Friday, May 17, Asar Gallery hosted “Paradox II” a collection of paintings by Javad Modaresi. This exhibition continues through June 21, 2019.

Javad Modaresi (b. 1979, Mashhad), an alumni of Shahed university, currently works and lives in his hometown. He has participated in 12 solo exhibitions in Iran and a number of group exhibitions in foreign countries. 

The commencement of “Paradox”s goes back to 10 years ago, after showcasing “Paradox I”, Javad Modaresi started to paint historical monuments abstractly. They were inspired by nature and created with innovative technics but later, again he started painting with oil-paint. 

“Paradox II” is series of artworks painted from buildings in a flat way. The colors used in these pieces are generally cold colors and cover a various spectrum of grey. The oeuvres mainly depict windows and in the background rainy skies can be seen. The pieces indicate the usual feeling of being unwanted in post-modern spaces; although apartments are the places that people live in, no one can be seen in the paintings. Silence and loneliness are the first two feelings that we get from the oeuvres. But if we observe them carefully, with all that lights shining from the windows, there is no need to look for people to find out whether life goes on in this city, perhaps human beings affect their surroundings and this shows us that life, bitter or sweet, always goes on.

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