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Nahid Aryan | The Wonders of Creation | Etemad Gallery

Nahid Aryan | The Wonders of Creation | Etemad Gallery

21 Jul 2019

Friday, May 31, Etemad Gallery hosted The Wonders of Creation  by Nahid Arian, the show is on view through 18 June 2019. The Wonders of Creation is collection of ready-made sculpture and the result of Nahid Aryan’s endeavors and diggings into flea markets around the world. Agricultural tools are the most used among the objects that made these series of sculptures and by collecting these objects she wanted to revive them again. 

The pieces in this show are mostly figurative and they relate to each other, so they make small and big installations all along together, each character telling a story of its own. This characteristic and the colorfulness of the pieces make the oeuvres seem that they belong to a dreamy world. 

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