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Aaran Projects | Micro Narratives

Aaran Projects | Micro Narratives

29 Jul 2019

Micro Narratives | Painting | Aaran Projects

The Participating Artists: Manijeh Hejazi

14 Jun 2019 - 01 Jul 2019

Manijeh Hejazi (b.1983) is an alumni of Neyshabur Art University. She participated in several exhibition in foreign countries such as China, Italy, Ukraine and Turkey and collaboration with Farzan Gallery and Artin Gallery in Mashhad and Hepta Gallery in Tehran can be listed among her activities in her homeland. Generally, “Micro Narratives” includes figurative oeuvres with a “photographic” approach. These paintings depict family scenes and they seem like they are a retrospective of her memories and somehow by making these pieces she is experiencing them again. The oeuvres are a selection of a series of memories coming from a distant past. Sometimes they are depicted blurry seeming like those times that we are trying to remember a memory and we are trying to recreate the pictures in our minds as the time goes by. The usage of wood plays an important role in her work because it made the works look like a relief and wood because of its nature can be considered as a symbol of memories.

This Friday, June 14, Aaran Projects hosted “Micro Narratives” a show by Manijeh Hejazi and the show continues through July 1.

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