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Hot Blossoms | Etemad Gallery

Hot Blossoms | Etemad Gallery

29 Jul 2019

Hot Blossoms | Installation -Painting | Etemad Gallery 

The Participating Artist: Mahsa Mersi

14 Jun 2019 - 02 Jul 2019

Mahsa Mersi (1990, Tehran) is an alumni of Azad Islamic university and Tehran University. She has participated in many foreign shows. Participation in Miami Art Fair, India Art Fair can be named among her latest activities in foreign countries and her collaboration with Mohsen Gallery, Shirin Gallery and Mahe Mehr Gallery are some of the activities listed in her fruitful resume. 

“Hot Blossoms" is now on view in Etemad Gallery, a collection of works including paintings and sculptures which generally are ready-mades. The material, the color and also the frequency of the visual elements that made them seem like a texture, used in these oeuvres have an important role in expressing the concept and the feeling. The pieces seem too feminine but in a different way that we face in our daily lives and we think that they are beautiful and delicate “womanly” signs, she has shown these beautiful element with a completely different approach; they make us wonder whether they are beautiful or ugly and scary. Observing the works makes the viewers struggle with the contrast they feel about their thoughts about these elements. This paradox made the oeuvres seem stressful and disturbing.

Hot Blossoms” a show by Mahsa Mersi, was displayed this Friday, June 14 in Etemad Gallery. The show continues through July 2, 2019. 

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