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Three Positions | O Gallery

Three Positions | O Gallery

29 Jul 2019

3 Positions | Painting | O Gallery 

Curated by: Ali Nasir

The Participating Artists: Hoda Kashiha | Yousha Bashir | Mimi Amini

14 Jun 2019 - 26 Jun 2019

Maryam Amini (Mimi Amini) (b.1977, Isfahan), generally her oeuvres are abstract although she has worked on some magnificent figurative works. She has had various collaborations with Iranian Galleries like Dastan Gallery, Aaran Gallery and Mah Gallery and also participated in several exhibitions in foreign countries such as US, Beirut, Italy, Sweden and … .

Yousha Bashir, (b,1989, The Philippines) an established multi-disciplinary artist has a bright resume including various experiences concerning different materials, mediums and even different styles and subjects. 

Hoda Kashiha (b. 1986, Tehran), most of her pieces are abstract as well. She has had several collaboration with Iranian art galleries such as Etemad Gallery and Homa Gallery and also she has participated in several shows in foreign countries such as US and France.

The pieces on view can be considered as somehow an expression of the young generation’s confrontation with the scattering that happened in the transformation process of contemporary visual arts after the revolution. In spite of the hesitation and the challenges they have undergone, young artists with the help of media and new mediums, have been able to have a mutation in the same direction as the global language and as the result they made some unique pieces of art. This show can be considered as a result of all the struggles and indeterminacies that happened after the Islamic revolution of Iran. Although 3 artists have created these pieces they can be categorized as a group of abstract artworks showing off their bright colors and spreading their magic all over the gallery.

3 Positions”, a group exhibition by 3 established artist curated by Ali Nasir is on view in O Gallery , since Friday, June 14, the exhibition continues through June 26.

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