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Pouya Aryanpour

Born in 1350, Tehran, Iran


1997-1999 M.A. in Painting, Azad University, Tehran, Iran
1993-1997 B.A. in Painting, Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Pooya Aryanpour Born 1971, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions:
2016 Sophia Contemporary Gallery, Under the Shell, London, UK
2016 Khavaran Factory, The Grand Beauty, Tehran, Iran
2014 Boom Gallery, Transient Dreams in Passing Fantasies, Tehran, Iran
2009 Aun Gallery, The Cut, Tehran, Iran
2007 Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2004 Serendipity Gallery, Sweden, Sweden
2003 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2000 Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1998 Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1994 Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Duo Exhibitions:
2010 with Samira Alikhanzadeh, AB Gallery, Floating Objects Under Emotion, Lucerne, Switzerland
2010 with Mostafa Darehbaghi, Meem Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2009 with Alireza Jodey, Aun Gallery and Etemad Gallery, The Cut, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2021 Rischée29 Openair Art Gallery, Boundless, Tehran, Iran
2020 E1 Art Gallery, Full Length, Tehran, Iran
2020 White Line Gallery, White Black Gray, Tehran, Iran
2020 Azad Art Gallery, Shabtab 7: Charity to Collect Blood Money for Saving Lives, Tehran, Iran
2019 INJA Gallery, Flower: the Pure Paradox, Tehran, Iran
2017 Art Stage, Singapore, Singapore
2017 Golestan Palace, Picnic: Iranian Style, Tehran, Iran
2017 Dastan Outside at (V-Cafe), Geometry, Tehran, Iran
2016 Magic of Persia, Remembering Tomorrow, Tehran/Iran – Dubai/UAE
2014 Magic of Persia, Inspiration/Insistence: Aspiration/Persistence, Los Angeles, USA
2013 AB Gallery, Transparency, Lucerne, Switzerland
2013 Mohsen Gallery, Endless, Tehran, Iran
2012 Assar Art Gallery, Color of Love, Tehran, Iran
2010 Khak Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 Faravahar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 Radical Gallery at Radical House, Zurich, Switzerland
2009 F2 Gallery, In the Mood for Paper, Beijing, China
2009 Hussenot Gallery, Paris, France
2009 Dar Al-Funoon Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait
2008 Mall Galleries, London, UK
2008 Magic of Persia, Dubai, UAE
2008 Aria Gallery, Between the Window and Seeing, Tehran, Iran
2007 Golestan Gallery, 100 Artworks: 100 Artists, Tehran, Iran
2007 Contemporary Iranian Arts, Broken promises: Forbidden Dreams, London, UK
2007 Video Art Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
2007 Elahe Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007 Niavaran Cultural Center, Exhibition to Aid Refugee Children by UNESCO, Tehran, Iran
2006 TMoCA, East of Dream, Tehran, Iran
2004 Contemporary Iranian Art, Beijing, China
2004 TMoCA, Gardens of Iran: Conceptual Art Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2004 Columbia University, Turning Points: Seven Iranian Artists, New York, USA
2003 Mimara Museum, Abim Group Exhibition, Zagreb, Croatia
2003 TMoCA, A Spiritual Vision, Tehran, Iran
2003 Niavaran Cultural Center, Abim Group Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2002 Don O’Melveny Gallery, Out of the Mist, Los Angeles, USA
2002 TMoCA, Second Conceptual Art Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2002 Meridian International Center, A Breeze from the Garden of Persia, NY, DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Florida, Texas, Vermont
2000 Christie’s, Iranian Contemporary, London, UK
2000 The Ronald Reagan Building, The Silent Brush, Washington DC, USA
2000 International Artexpo, New York, USA
1999 The Cultural Center of the Embassy of Mexico, Tehran, Iran
1993 TMoCA, International Exhibition of Children’s Illustration, Tehran, Iran

Other Activities

2017 TMoCA, Situation: Seventh Tehran National Sculpture Biennial, Tehran, Iran
2006 Saba Cultural Center, Islamic world Biennial, Tehran, Iran
2004 TMoCA, The Sixth Painting Biennial, Tehran, Iran
2002 Saba Cultural Center, Second Biennial of Contemporary Painting of the Islamic World, Tehran, Iran
2000 TMoCA, Winner of The Fifth Painting Biennial, Tehran, Iran
2000 TMoCA, International Drawing Biennial, Tehran, Iran
1999 Asian Art Biennial, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Art Fairs:
2020 Teer Art Fair, Online Show, Tehran, Iran
2018 Teer Art Fair, Ava Center, Tehran, Iran
2017 Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, USA
2017 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey

Auctions participated by Pouya Aryanpour

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La Rupture (Interrupted)
2007 | La Rupture (Interrupted)
12,000-16,000 Dollar
2008 | Untitled
18,000-25,000 Dollar
Floating objects
Floating objects
19,200-19,200 pound
2008 | Untitled
8,000-12,000 pound
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Art Fairs participated by Pouya Aryanpour

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Artworks of Pouya Aryanpour

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2024 | Untitled
140×161×38 cm
From "FRuit of Elysian" Series
2024 | From "FRuit of Elysian" Series
160×35×55 cm
2022 | Untitled
195×70×68 cm
2022 | Untitled
195×70×68 cm
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