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Taha Hamed

Born in 1372,


Taha Hamed opened eyes to life in a beautiful APRIL, 1993 in Mashad, East of Iran, and gave life to his memories in Tehran. His passion for painting and cinema started in those days and taking a tour in these two worlds became his lifetime pastime. He was 13 when got to know Manouchehr Espahbodi, a renowned painting instructor in Mashad. Taha got lessons from Espahbodi for 5 years and set foot into the world of light and color. He started designing for life, getting lost in colors. This dragged him into his 20’s, and entangled Taha with colors. The collection called ‘sneaky kiss’ is one of many by Taha. A collection of experiences lived by him. With his look, he portrayed things and people. ‘Sneaky Kiss’ tells the story of people with themselves, kind of internal dialogue. His lessons at another instructor in Tehran, Babak Etminani, led to his general understanding of style and technique. He learned a lot from many other teachers who taught him love. It was after painting that Taha made use of silk printing as a fresh medium to turn IDEA into IMAGE; something impossible beforehand. Silk printing served as a point where he met new ideas, still occupying his mind. Another collection by Taha, named Pierre Rivier, depicts part of a young French man in the past. A murder case in Pierre’s life that became a social event that even got Michel Foucault involved in it which turned the case into a global one. Pierre Rivier collection highlights the relation between murderer and the murdered. The work aims to study the impact art can leave on reducing social damages in Iran. Taha’s main concerns have always been Identity, Originality and Aestheti016

Solo Exhibitions

• solo drawing exhibition, in shila gallery, Tehran 2011
• Group drawing exhibition self-portrait, embassy of cote dlvoire in tehran-2013
• International group exibition, mithra gallery, netherland, 2014
• Auction of zanjire-a omid and iranzamin gallery in hotel homa, 2015
• group painting exhibition ‘serfice’ in iranshahr gallery 2015
• Still life group painting exhibition in farda art gallery
• Group painting exhibition ‘dive gavpaay’ dargoon gallery 2016
• Third and fourth Group silkscreen print exhibition, in LALE gallery ,march 2015 and 2016
• group painting exhibition ‘there is more things’ in saless gallery 2015
• group painting exhibition in bricklane gallery london 2017
• solo painting exhibition ‘sneaky kiss’ saless gallery , 2017
• group international painting exhibition and symposium in pulchri gallery placed in den hag , netherland
• group painting exhibition khatesefid art gallery 2018
• first and fourth group painting exhibition ‘one million’ in sales gallery 2016-2019
• group painting exhibition in nian art gallery, tehran
• group painting exhibition in saa art gallery 2019
• group painting symposium in saa art gallery Tehran 2019
• Experienced in painting outdoor and indoor surfaces, in drawing and in silk printing, with all the materials and techniques
• director of many public movements in art and culture

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